Photo above: Meyer and Ada Mayoff, 1986

Meyer (Mike) Zalman ben Avraham

Raised in Montreal

Most of his working life in Chicago
First as a salesman for Coca Cola (he earned 4 cents a case)
Then as a businessman where he owned a drug store for many years. One of his brothers worked for him

Had a marvelous sense of humor. Not the cynical kind, but a kind sense of humor which is why everybody who met him liked him.

Even at the end in the hospital he always thanked the nurses and doctors and apologized for inconveniencing them.

Only had a 6th grade education, but his children and grandchildren all went to college ­ and he retired to a condominium in Florida where he and Ada were near their daughter Elaine and her husband Gerry and their sons Aaron and Brad.

He and Ada took their children on car trips every summer when they were growing up, and they toured the whole country and experienced many sites and cultures as a family, experiences that will remain with Elaine and Bernie throughout their lives.

His greatest pride and joy is his family: Ada; Bernie and Denise; Elaine and Gerry; his grandchildren Jeffrey, Robert, Aaron, Beth, Cheryl and Brad; and his surviving brothers Sol Mayoff of Canada; and sisters Fritz and Doris; and nieces and nephews and they all loved and cared for him.

Not an observant man but truly a man who walked in the way of the Lord and raised a Jewish family.

A Mason for 30 years. He once belonged to the American Legion and elected to the Forty and Eight.

Fluent in English, French and Yiddish.

In attendance: All children, grandchildren, brother Sol and his wife Zelda from Montreal

His devoted wife of 58 years, Ada, was by his side and took care his every need, especially the past five or so years during his illness, at the end even driving him to dialysis t 6AM. Ada was helped by their daughter Elaine and grandson Aaron who spent many days and weekends catering to their needs. Elaine made sure they were OK and planned Sunday afternoon dinner for them, either at her own house or at Meyer's favorite restaurants.