Mayoff Day 2001
Lyrics by Essie Mayoff (Ush/Sch) of Montreal, Quebec.

Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" at the Montreal celebration.

And now the time is here
The Mayoff clan has got to-gether
It's "Mayoff Day" - the end of May
It doesn't matter what the weather.

We greet each other - we hug and kiss.
We tell them all what we have missed
It's "Mayoff Day" - It's our way forever.

We hope the young will carry on -
For our tradition will never be gone.

So to happy times we raise our glass.
Our cousin club - it sure has class.
We eat and drink, we laugh and sing
This "Mayoff Day" is a real big thing.

After to-night it's time to say
We'll see you all next "Mayoff Day."
And if it seems so far away,
Just stay in touch - it will mean
So much - It's our way forever.

                                Essie Mayoff, 2001